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Would you like to save 80%  on your labor cost and reduce your shrink time to just 2 seconds?*

The Focus-Lite(TM) is the quick, efficient way to shrink all types of heat shrink tubing. For use on all types of wire harnesses, crimps and splices. Shrinks in a fraction of the time of traditional heat guns. Choose from 1", 2.5”, 8”, & 15.5” Shrink lengths.  Shrink time is the same for all lengths!  See the graph below for an average cost savings based on 10,000 harnesses/shrink operations per week or click on the Cost Savings link below for your specific savings.

~FLG3 Hand-Held Model is now available!  Completely portable and mobile for board mounted harnesses and tight spaces.  Talk to your local sales representative or Judco direct for more details~


Less operator fatigue


Zero noise levels


Minimal heat at work station


Long life


Ends heat gun failures


Low maintenance 


Better process control


Consistent shrinking


No irregularities


Energy efficient


Uses less energy


300 vs. 1,560 watts


Uses standard 120V


Example of machine cost payback:

Standard Models:  

Focus-Lite FL10*  -  Effective shrink length up to 1.0" 

Focus-Lite FL30*  -  Effective shrink length up to 2.5" 

Focus-Lite FL80*  -  Effective shrink length up to 8" 

Focus-Lite FL160*  -  Effective shrink length up to 15.5"

*Up to 5/8" cable diameter

Focus-Lite FLG2  -  Effective shrink length to 3.0", up to 1.5" diameter

Focus-Lite FLG3 hand-held unit  -  Effective shrink length to 1.375", Up to 5/8" cable diameter


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Automotive: (248) 624-6840

1429 West 240th Street, Harbor City, CA   90710

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